Birtley Town 0 Hebburn Town 13

To be honest, there’s not much to add to the scoreline which tells the story of the game.  Hebburn have probably had tougher training sessions, and there’s not much point in dwelling on how dominant they were.

The scorers and times of the goals were:

Carl Taylor (5), Oliver Martin (10, 24), Luke Sullivan (29, 44, 52, 86), Michael Richardson (35, 79), Lewis Suddick (55), Louis Storey (60, 83), Ben Dibb-Fuller (89).

In the end I’d stopped making any notes, other than to keep track of the score.  It has long been over as a competitive match.  Much else would just be rubbing the dirt in Birtley’s nose.

For them it’s a game best expunged from the collective memory as quickly as possible.

Mike Snowdon.