The league’s emergency committee met at 11.30 this morning (Friday 30th October) to discuss the worsening Covid-19 situation at Thornaby FC, which has affected a number of areas within the club including management, staff and volunteers.
The amount of positive Covid-19 tests, that had been evidenced by the club, were considered alongside the growing number of infections in the Teesside area and it was considered that although the effect on actual playing staff was minimal, because of the widespread effect on the club that Saturday’s fixture at West Auckland would be postponed.
It is particularly disappointing that the club felt it necessary to post pre-emptive and erroneous information on social media which strongly suggested that the matter had already  been considered and they had been instructed to play forthcoming games which is clearly contradictory to any of the communications they had received from the league.
The club will be asked to update the league on the developing situation, and a decision on future games will be made as and when this further information is received.