Management Committee

Northern League Officials
President: George Courtney MBE
Senior Vice President: Mike Amos MBE
Vice Presidents: Frank Bell, Tony Golightly, Ted Ilderton, Steve Rock and Bob Rogers

Chairman: Glenn Youngman
Vice Chairman: Brian Mulligan
Registration Secretary: Dave Robinson Tel: 01429 880579 or 07340 059 637 (Available 10.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.)
Treasurer: Glenn Youngman
Secretary: Kevin Hewitt Tel: 07897 611 640
Assistant Secretary: Simon Ducker Tel: 07551 802 750
Media and PR Officer: Mike Snowdon
Referee Appointment Officer: Matthew Malton
Management Committee: Joe Burlison, Graham Craggs, Ray Matthews, Gavin Perry
Life Member: Norman Ayton
League Chaplaincy Co-ordinator: Christian Wienkamp