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Ironworks Road
Ironworks Road, Tow Law, County Durham, DL13 4EQ, UK View On Map
Fixtures & Results
Division 12022-23Ironworks Road127
Kaleb Young (8) Joey Smith (50) Stephen Hall (60)
Division 12022-23Ironworks Road127
Andrei Ardelean (10, 27, 55) David Parker (45) Aaron Hardy (92)
Lee Farrington (38) Isaac Walker (41) Joshua Rowbotham (55) Sonni Coleman (90)
2022-23FA CupExtra Preliminary Round100
Toby Cromarty (86), Mark Ferguson missed pen (32)
Ryan McKinnon (15)
2022-23Ironworks RoadFA CupExtra Preliminary Round Replay178
Andrei Ardelean (31 pen) David Parker (75)
Division 12022-23Newton Aycliffe Sports Club162
Oscar Taylor (23) Jamie Owens (26, 37) Callum Munro (30) Ethan Wood (52) Liam Jarvie (85)
Nick Marley (48)
Division 12022-23Mill Lane136
Wayne Brooksby (14) Jamie Thornton (51)
Ethan Bewley (45)
2022-23Ironworks RoadFA CupPreliminary Round185
Ethan Bewley (36)
Craig Spooner (11) Robbie Dale (85 pen)
Division 12022-23King George V Ground301
Jack blackford (4), Cole Kiernan (55, 68 pen)
Kurt Seymour (76), Andrei Ardelean 2 (79, 83)
2022-23Ironworks RoadFA VaseFirst Round Qualifying89
Matthew Hayton (60)
Division 12022-23Ironworks Road194
Robert White (70)
Corey Nicholson (57)
Division 12022-23Teesdale Park179
Steven Roberts (49) Craig Hutchinson (70), Alex Hutchinson sent off (80)
Kurt Seymour (55) Luke Bailey (57) Jeremie Anderson-Davosta (78)
Division 12022-23Sam Smith's Park139
Paul Brayson (94)
Luke Bailey (23)
Division 12022-23The Sir Tom Cowie Millfield375
Declan Brown sent off (60)
Andrei Ardelean (72, 76)
Division 12022-23The Calvert Stadium190
John Howard (90)
Lewis Bateman (1) Charlie Graham (41 og) Daniel Marriot (70)
Division 12022-23Ironworks Road118
Thomas McAloon (19) Andrei Ardelean (70)
Division 12022-23Ironworks Road122
Aaron Hardy (10) Danny Craggs (26)
Jacob Forster (12, 60) Callum Larmouth (78)
Division 12022-23Sunderland LGV Park71
Kyle Fryatt (4, 60) Alexander Nelson (33) Michael Annang-Colquhoun (39)
Andrei Ardelean (92)
Division 12022-23Woodhorn Lane446
Luke Salmon (40), Ben Harmison (83 pen)
Andrei-Vasile Ardelean (30)
2022-23Ironworks RoadDurham Challenge CupFirst Round66
Daniel Craggs (58) Luke Page (90)
Division 12022-23Ironworks Road151
Andrei Ardelean (19 pen) Jeremie Anderson-DaCosta (62)
Malcolm Morien (5, 9) Scott Lowery (90)
Division 12022-23Ironworks Road92
Thomas McAloon (2)
Konnor Lamb (38, 75)
Division 12022-23The Three Rivers Health & Safety Consultancy Stadium110
Jordan Irving (23 pen, 49)
Lewis Bateman (4, 42) Andrei Ardelean (60, 90)
Division 12022-23The Frenchfield Stadium120
Alfie Brunskill (28) Joshua Crews (57) DJ Taylor (83) Hayden Tait (94)
Andrei Ardelean missed pen (4)
Division 12022-23Ironworks Road65
Daniel Marriott (77)
Division 12022-23Green Lane435
Brandon Holdsworth (55)
Dominic Joynes (24) Thomas McAloon (65) Daniel Craggs (90)
2022-23Independent Utility Advise ArenaDurham Challenge CupSecond Round44
Daniel Sayer (65) Craig Hennis (85)
Daniel Marriott (1)
Division 12022-23Heritage Park
Division 12022-23Ironworks Road
Division 12022-23Wanted Stadium
Division 12022-23Ironworks Road
Division 12022-23Glebe Sports Ground
Division 12022-23Ironworks Road
Division 12022-23Ironworks Road
Division 12022-23Grounsell Park
Division 12022-23Ironworks Road
Division 12022-23Ironworks Road
Division 12022-23Ironworks Road
Division 12022-23Ironworks Road
Division 12022-23East Palmersville Sports Pavilion
Division 12022-23Ironworks Road
Division 12022-23Hillheads Park
Division 12022-23Ironworks Road
Division 12022-23Ironworks Road
Division 12022-23Independent Utility Advise Arena
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Ironworks Road

Here are tonight’s full time scores and attendances from the @EbacUK Northern Football League and the @DurhamFA Challenge Cup. #ENLScores #ENLCrowds

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